Press Release


Mighty Noah is Doroncreations’ first release in our line of children’s Christian mobile games


We believe that the best way to let our children learn more about Christianism is to have games that teach them basic concepts.

What our Customers are Saying

We are a team of parents, educators, developers, and artists,
looking to bring a wider selection of Christian games to the industry.

It is created well, and the biblical theme makes it more appealing to us, bringing alive the dangers that Noah would have had to face while in the ark


Very cool concept of play and learn. My kids can not wait for the full version of Mighty Noah. Adding the Christain Value is Awesome !!

Beadle. A

It is difficult to find safe and fun games for children, when we discovered Mighty Noah, my son was playing with it for hours and enjoy it as i was expecting!!

Dona Constantino


MightyNoah app serves as a handy tool for its customers to place orders.