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Mighty Noah is Doroncreations’ first release in our line of children’s Christian mobile games. In this action-packed, trivia and adventure 3D title, the player controls Noah’s Ark as it transports two of every animal safely through the Great Flood, and uses special techniques to get rid of obstacles in their path.


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We are a team of parents, educators, developers, and artists,
looking to bring a wider selection of Christian games to the industry. We’re being the change we want to see!


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MightyNoah app serves as a handy tool for its customers to place orders.

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We believe that the best way to let our children learn more about Christianism is to have games that teach them basic concepts. We want to show everyone that Christian games are imperative and that they are perfect for all ages!

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Best Gaming Experience

We believe that creativity and high quality go hand in hand, and this is why we deliver nothing but the very best gaming experiences that you can find out there. And since we work very hard on a daily basis to keep everyone happy, you can count on us to offer you the experience and features that you may need.

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The reason why we do all of that is because we want to ensure that your children receive all the necessary information about the Bible. It’s all about accuracy here, and that’s why we always do all in our power to offer you the best educational games for your children to make them educated from religious point of view as well.

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Educational & Creativity

We believe that creating action-packed, educational 2D and 3D games which follow the Bible is one of the best methods to take your experience to new heights and evolve the way you understand the Bible in its rights. Our approach is towards offering unforgettable experiences that also allow children to learn more about the Bible.

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Games For Children

Since there are 2.18 billion Christians worldwide, we want to spread the word even further and we also want to make it easy for them to enjoy some Bible stories. Gaming apps for children should extend to this industry too, and this is why we believe that the Bible games are imperative.

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Bible Stories

Not only do we believe that Bible stories have to be fun, but we also make sure that the stories your child will read and play through are carefully selected.

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Evolving the Religion

We understand the concern, and in the end, you will find that results can indeed be worth it. We already are very hard at work when it comes to creating new Bible-themed games that will educate children even more in regards to the nature of our society and how religion can help them evolve.

What our Customers are Saying

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We are a team of parents, educators, developers, and artists,
looking to bring a wider selection of Christian games to the industry.

It is created well, and the biblical theme makes it more appealing to us, bringing alive the dangers that Noah would have had to face while in the ark


Very cool concept of play and learn. My kids can not wait for the full version of Mighty Noah. Adding the Christain Value is Awesome !!

Beadle. A

It is difficult to find safe and fun games for children, when we discovered Mighty Noah, my son was playing with it for hours and enjoy it as i was expecting!!

Dona Constantino